Analysis Of 12 Angry Men

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1. Voir dire: “to speak the truth”. The forum used by judge/attorney to question prospective jurors 2. Rodney King case: Jury=10 whites, 1 asian, 1 mexican. Held in location that favored defense 3. Implicit personality theory: A person’s organized network of preconceptions about how certain attributes are related to one another and behavior. a. Hats preemptive strike, never accept jurors of Ps 4. Internal /external locust of control: differ in beliefs about whether their lives are controlled by internal factors (skill/effort) or by external (luck/fate). Has potent influence on behavior 5. Authoritarianism: follow traditional values, submit to powerful figures and punitive to those who violate established norms . More likely to vote for conviction unless it’s a police 6. Similarity leniency hypoth: assumption that jurors that are demograph/socially similar to a litigant will be predisposed to favor that litigant 7. Harowitz Study: Scientific jury selection more effective when there were clear-cut relationships between personality or demographic variables and juror’s votes, otherwise lacked accuracy 8. Req. for jury Selection: 1. Venire: panel of prospective jurors, 2. Voir dire to select jurors/elimination of others 9. Social desirability effect: Desire to appear favorable in presence of high status person, shapes how people answer questions and influences what they disclose about themselves 10. Kinds of questions they ask b. Open ended questions: require elaboration, covers wide-range, questions individually. encourages jurors to talk more about feelings and experiences. c. Closed ended questions: Yes/no format questions 11. OJ Simpson case: 294-item quesitonaire. Black more likely to side with defendant, held in area with mostly black. Defandants showed that there was reasonable doubt in DNA evidence 12. Belief in a just world: Person who belives in this needs explanation and justification, they’re threatened by the possibility hthat events happen by chance. d. Will berate the victim of a crime or be tougher on the defendant 13. Jury consultant: During the jury selection process, the jury consultant observes the responses of the