Analysis Of A Place To Stand By Jimmy Santiago Baca

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How Poetry Can Change Your Life: Jimmy Santiago Baca
One of the scariest things a human being can face is change. Whether the change is good or bad is up to them to decide. In Jimmy Santiago Baca’s prison memoir, A Place to Stand, he knew that if he ever wanted to live a normal life again, he would have to change. In prison there usually isn’t much to do. Working, eating, and sleeping are the three main activities in a prisoner’s long uneventful day. After spending over 2 years in incarceration, Baca started to write stories and poems to keep himself occupied. Little did he know, this would change his personality and his life as a whole. His poems, “I am Offering This Poem”, “Who Understands Me but Me”, and “Immigrants in Our Own Land” convey multiple messages of character transformation that the author depicts within his prison memoir A Place to Stand.
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Not only that but also how much he loves and wants to help his readers. When Baca was younger he had nothing, his family was poor and it was hard to even get food on the table every night for dinner. His main goal of this poem was to give his readers a sigh of relief, to help them understand that they should never give up and that he would always be there for them. Baca writes “Keep it like a warm coat when winter comes to cover you” and “So it is a pot full of yellow corn to warm your belly”. These two statements imply that whenever someone seems to be at their lowest point or feels depressed that they should read his poetry because it will always make them feel better and