Analysis Of A Student Caught Cheating On An Examination

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Joanna M Cooper
April 29 2015
Any Student Caught Cheating on an Examination Should be Automaticall Dismissed from College.

Although almost every student caught cheating on an examination can get zero on the test, the furtther consequences can vary considerably. some professor choose not to report the cheating. Many professor, however, do report the exam cheating. Most colleges and universities have academic intergrity policies which spell out their specific responses towards cheating; it is recommended that students review their own school's policies.

First of all, i think cheating in the classroom leads to cheating in life, on the job, in a marriage and in friendship. People who allow others cheat off of them are just as guilty as those who cheat. Teachers take plagiarism seriously because, in addition to it being a terrible vice, it serves no proper educational purpose other than to provide undeserved higher grades for the guilty parties. A lot of students think that there is no way they can succed in school unless they cheat. They take on large courses loads and they cannot handle them, sometimes i think they feel pressured by their parents to take courses they can't handle. Given this, i do think tearches should counsel students who cheat and teach them right from wrong. This does not mean there are no consequences, the consequences can be severe.

Futhermore, i understand that the temptation to cheat is great, and that students can sometimes be overwhelmed with their work load, but cheating is never ok. cheating is extremely unfair towards the other