Analysis Of Action Over Rhetoric By Richard Lee Colvin

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Richard Lee Colvin the author of “Action over rhetoric” starts his article off by explaining how policy advocacies are using social media for larger audiences to exaggerate their needs and the consequences that will come from not receiving what’s wanted. The author then explains how this was the act of multiple professors, bloggers, current and former teachers, union activists and others in Washington, D.C. for the Occupy the Department of Education. This caused other events like The Battle for Public Education and the Ed departments Maryland Avenue. Each event was to help the public-school system not get destroyed and the act of test being taken stopped. Standardized testing has become a larger focus then students’ learning. The Public school systems shouldn’t be destroyed due to them granting equal opportunity and access to the same high-level of learning, standardized testing is only used for the profits and therefore benefits none but the higher authority. …show more content…
He now claims the Foundations, billionaires, politicians, charter school operators and what is referred to as “other evildoers” are all aiming to eliminate the individuality of students and focusing on profits. Colvin goes within the surface of the topic and now starts to explain the board’s reasoning. The board is focused on standardized testing and the advocacies saw this as an injustice to the children and teachers. As a result, the teachers wanted parents to refuse their children to take test until they are eliminated altogether. Colvin is continuing to explain how these events are creating a