Analysis Of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None

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When someone think about a doctor, how do they imagine them? Your stereotypical man with a lab coat and stethoscope? While Dr. Armstrong from Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None may have have had a lab coat and stethoscope, he is also guilty of murdering Louisa Mary Clees on an operating table while he was drunk, even though the jury pleaded innocent. Because Dr. Armstrong is a professional, lucky, and gullible person, it lead to a whole other path of this story that we couldn't have ever guessed. Because Dr. Armstrong is a professional person, he would roll his eyes and scoff at the idea of his being the murderer. Everyone at soldier Island was antsy, they were all being suspected of murder. While Dr. Armstrong was being interrogated by the group he bursted. “I, am a well-known professional man. …show more content…
Armstrong wasn't a lucky man, he wouldn't have his job, he wouldn't have killed Louisa Mary Clees on the operating table, he wouldn't of been invited to soldier island for killing her and therefore not getting murdered. “Well it had succeeded! He'd been lucky!” (Christie 11). However, he was lucky, so he did get his satisfying job, he did kill the girl, therefore he did get invited to the island, thus he got killed. If Dr. Armstrong wouldn't have been so gullible then he wouldn't have ended up dying when he had. Because he was a gullible man, he went up with the murderer, Justice Wargrave, and got pushed off a cliff into the sea below. “I took him up a little way behind the house on the edge of the cliff... A quick vigorous push sent him off his balance and splash into the heaving sea below” (Christie 296). Nevertheless, Dr. Armstrong was indeed unsuspecting of his Justice Wargraves motives. So he fell for the old tortoise's trick. If Dr. Armstrong wouldn’t have been gullible, lucy or professional, who knows how this story would have ended, he may have not have been invited. Or an entirely different person could have been invited in his