Analysis Of Apple Inc

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents i-ii

Executive Summary iii

1. Background of Apple Inc. P.1

2. Apple Inc.’s Brand Development Decision

1. Brand Identity

1. Salience dimension P.2

2. Brand Meaning

1. Performance dimension P.2-3

2. Imagery dimension P.4

3. Brand Reponses

1. Judgments dimension P.4-5

2. Feelings dimension P.5-6

4. Brand Relationship

1. Resonance dimension P.6

3. Marketing mix

1. Product……. P.7

2. Price……… P.7

3. Place……… P.8

4. Promotion……… P.8

4. Brand Value Chain

1. Marketing Programme Investment P.9

2. Customer ‘Mindset’ P.9-10

3. Market Performance P.10
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The multi-color logo of Apple depicts that it is for all races and creeds. The meaning of the company’s name, ‘Apple’ can give a warm, friendly perception to the customers.

2.3 Brand Reponses

2.3.1 Judgments dimension

Brand quality: Apples perceived quality can virtually be higher than it really is. This adds a lot to the brand equity of Apple, because the customers rated the quality of the product are based on the experience rather than the product performance only.

Brand credibility: Apple Inc. is the World’s Number One Innovative Company, seven years in a row according to BusinessWeek’s 2011 list of the world’s 50 most innovative companies (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2011). It is a reliable brand in the world that it has demonstrably caught the attention of its customers. Apple develops products based on customer feedback or input while designing its products.

Brand Consideration: Apple has created a high level of consideration for the brand with the customers that it is very close to the customers and concern of the customer’s desire with very close accuracy.

Brand Superiority: Apple attracts people because of its beautifying technology, simplify appearance and also it is ease to uses that shows how advanced Apple is. Furthermore, Apple has taken their products to new heights every time which shows the brand