Analysis Of Barack Obama's Election

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Good Afternoon Charlotttte North Cacalaki it 5:00 and it’s time to go home and I k you are getting very restless an irritated. But let’s talk some politics not the boring the interesting politics Barack Obama will be reelected and if not who will be his major competition. I think that Barack Obama will be reelected because he is a great president and all his plans are long term and we need him to continue his efforts of fighting for are men and women in the war bringing our family back and trying to rebuild are economy and social structures of us and are government. But I am a realist I understand he is not a complete shoo in but his only real competition in my eyes is Mitt Romney because he has a strong cause and he is a great debater and actually knows his stuff and a major reason why newt gingrich dropped out the race he knew that he most likely would lose to Mitt so ultimately didn’t want to partake in a loss on his record. But now to sports you have the Charlotte bobcats and the Carolina Panthers one did made forward progress one made backwards progress with the Charlotte Bobcats being 7-59 worst record ever by any NBA team ever in all of history talk about the worst team ever. Then on the other side you have the Carolina Panthers going from a staggering 2-14 to a subpar 7-9 only about two games out of playoffs to a big majority due to Star Rookie QB Cam Newton as many would say a super quarterback and with their new draft additions the panthers are definitely in for at