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Analysis of BBC One Drama Series 'Doctor Who'

'Doctor Who' is a sci-fi drama series aired on BBC One based on the theme of time travelling and aliens, set in different time zones in each episode. It is about a time traveller saving the world from bad aliens and battles with many different creatures. The scene I have chosen to analyse is a clip between the Doctor and a young woman, reflecting their close relationship and the battle they just won.

The scene begins with an establishing shot of land covered in rocks with the tardis in sight. This makes the audience wonder where the Doctor and the woman are, as they look isolated in this bland location with nothing else in sight. The woman is laying down peacefully, wrapped in blankets and the Doctor is busy drawing a map on the ground using an old stick he has picked up off the ground. Rule of thirds is used to portray this and it shows contrast in their energy and activity. The characters then start to converse about the battle the Doctor won then mid shots are used to show the neutral emotion in their face but when the woman finds out that the Doctor was just lying to her, close ups are used to show the change of emotion and to show her curiosity and annoyance. Though during the conversation, the shots of the characters get tighter to indicate an intimate environment. A full body shot is then used to show the audience that the Doctor and his companion are well dressed.

The woman starts off laying on the rocky surface of the floor covered in bright coloured blankets. The bright colours suggests that they are modern and that everything is okay as bright colours are positive colours. When the close up of her face occurs, we can see that her hair has been straightened and styled and she is wearing lip stick and fake eyelashes. The Doctor is in a black suit with a black waistcoat and his hair has been combed. This tells the audience that they have been somewhere classy together. The whole surface of the set was covered by rocks, this may be to show that they're not on Earth and as rocks are grey and plain, it adds more of an isolation feel to it. Green screen is used for the background asd it shows a futuristic city with great skyscrapers in unique shapes. The lighting remains quite bright throughout this scene as it is supposed to be set in daytime.

When the characters converse, shot-reverse-shot is used to show the audience who is talking and who is listening. It also shows the audience the characters reactions for example when the woman asked the