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Survey Analysis

During my time at Canisius College I have taken the chance to get to meet knew people. I have got the chance to make new friends, which allowed me to broaden my surroundings. However, I have never got the chance to actually understand their diversity. This now allowed me to understand and realize what 28 of the students at Canisius to see what they were all about. I have always made new friends but I never get the chance to really understand and learn about some personal questions. Even though this survey is closed and private I can see what students Canisius attracts and how it makes it such a divers school. Not only does it attract students from the US it also attracts a lot from Canada and other countries. This allows students to make friends all around the world. Through the study I looked to see how students live their life and how they conducted their life. I also wanted to see how many students are involved in a relationship during college. I wanted to see if the relationship status would conflict sleeping habits and other trends such as working out. My questions were listed as followed:

1) What is your age?
2) What is your class?
3) Where is your permanent residence?
4) What is your ethnicity?
5) How many hours of sleep do you get on average?
6) How many meals do you eat per day?
7) Which season do you prefer?
8) Where do you live?
9) On average how many times do you workout per week?
10) What is your relationship status?

Throughout the survey I found some impressive results. I found that the