Analysis Of Coca Cola

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“We remain constructively discontent. We are just getting started” stated the CEO of one of the most recognizable brand in the world, Coca Cola. You would expect that type of attitude from a small company just starting off, not something your children’s, children can recognize. But that is just the kind of attitude that has allowed the company to become a household name, no matter where your “house” is located. The company distributes to over 200 countries, in which 80% of its total revenue is from international markets alone. The CEO states that in order for them to propel into international markets they should be concerning themselves with how one action here is affecting their outcome elsewhere. This puts in perspective that although nations and cultures vary greatly, there are always minor intricacies that can disrupt the way a country may view your product and company. Coca Cola invests in becoming part of our daily lives, in our celebratory moments as well as moments of comfort. Events on a large scale that include the Olympics is just an example of how it has invested its company name so that we can’t think of the Olympics without the Coca Cola image also coming to mind. The idea that Coca Cola is still that refreshing bottle in your hand, while at the same time its so much more. It has ventured into every branch you can think of, including diving into fashion by working with names like Dolce & Gabanna and HSN distributing nothing more than their logo. This is said to bring 1 billion dollars of yearly revenue for the company. With it’s marketing efforts Coca Cola has gone from a soft beverage company to any and everything we can think of. It not only is an actual physical hard product but it has made itself collect revenue from the idea and brand itself. ““We support, extend, enhance and amplify our brand messages,” said Kate Dwyer, group director for worldwide licensing at the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, with demographic groups like teenagers, who are potential buyers of products in categories like “fashion, sports and technology,” and mothers, who are potential buyers of holiday products and merchandise related to eating, and entertaining, at home.” This makes it nearly impossible for a consumer to overlook these products when so much of the market consists of them. Now, not to say Coca Cola is overwhelming by any means but in my opinion, they have done an amazing job at how they connect the consumers emotion with their brand. They have surrounded us with their motto on such a personal level that we, in a way, subliminally think of it and connect the brand to an experience or emotion. With a world of ever changing ideas and new innovations, it seems as though we prefer to hold onto something familiar. I remember my first bottle of Coca Cola and how it was spent with family at the local restaurants in Europe. It was summer and everyone was together, now everyone is off in their own lives and I can’t say that I don’t still get those memories appearing when I get a hold of the classic glass bottle. THAT to me is the ultimate branding and marketing tool. Coca Cola is recognizable in any place I’ve visited and the epic commercials during the holidays have played in more places than I can count. The company seems to revolutionise concepts in marketing. During m research I’ve come across data that shows Coca Cola to be amongst the first to distribute coupons and sampling (in which we see everywhere today, even with laundry detergents).