Analysis Of Design

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Assignment #1

The selected article written by Sasaki, Hideo (1950) highlights three ways to help the critical thinking of design, which are research, analysis, and synthesis. He also suggests that, schools should teach students more techniques of using those processes to complete their designs, in order to contribute toward social progress in their professional life. Therefore, it is important to study the critical thinking.

Critical thinking involves research, analysis, and synthesis. Research is about understanding all the factors to be considered, analysis is to establish the idea of relationship of all that factors, and synthesis is to put the complex of relationships into a spatial organization to discuss.

I want to argue that why analysis should be the second step – why analysis should be the earlier process before synthesis. The author states that the process of designing analysis is to systematic analysis of factors from the given problem is necessary before the design-form can be articulated. I believe this is right, because the process of analysis can help designers quickly to make some sort of graphic representation, and can help designers to put directly synthesis on paper. After that, designers can easily place the various functions into space, and make as many analyses as there are types of relationships to make sure the space and location are correct.

Moreover, during the process of analysis, designers can make an abstract relational diagram that help them to