Analysis Of Dont You Hate Having Two He Essay

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Analysis of ”Don’t you hate having two heads”

The short story genre is characterized with a short length, few people and a short story line. Short stories often begins in media res. Short stories are fiction and has a composition. This novel is a crime story because it contains a murder. This short story is not a typical kind of crime story because the reader doesn’t know there’s the murder until the end.
Christine Pauls’ short story "Don’t you hate having two heads" is about Richard and his trip to Venice. Richard meets Jessica, an unknown woman to him, at an art museum. He is married but hides his wedding ring and seeks other women. After a brief conversation with Jessica she disappears and Richard believes he has lost his chance to
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He's probably not happy in this marriage, and tries to escape from his normal life. He is interested in art and is currently writing a book. Like the title "Don’t you hate having two heads" Richard has two personalities. He is married and loves his wife, but has a different personality and that is when he is curious and wants to meet other women. He removes his engagement ring which shows that he is going from being a married man to a man who wants to go out and experience new things.

Jessica is beautiful, tall and brown-eyed blonde. She is throughout the whole story an unknown and mysterious woman. She studies art and is fascinated by the painting "Woman with her Throat cut". She also has two "heads", two personalities and she is this sweet beautiful mysterious woman who also is a serial killer.The themes are murder, adultery, mystery, two personalities

The message of this essay is probably that all people have two personalities. I think the author believes that all people have at least two personalities which we also see in the two characters in the story. We can behave differently and hide it from other people. We adapt to situations and when we are faced towards strangers, we can choose to be whoever we want to