Analysis Of Enron

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Giovanni Abad


The Enron documentary really showed how power and money can be the root of all evil. It led the fortune 500 company to end lives, jobs, created lies, and hurt our society as a whole. It was a company that only took money and kept it in their own pockets, really believing that they were not touchable. They had more worries about what their private corporate jet should be instead of what the numbers and stock really is. Since it’s the same stocks people are buying and raising prices on, leading to increases on the public. Enron became founded by Kenneth Lay who had his own schemes before Jeffrey Skilling. Enron in summary sold whatever they could to the public, making sure that they would never take a loss in the market. With so much money, no evidence of their profit, and constant wins, it led to investigation of the company. The skeletons in their closet came to light, which had been hurting everyone except them. The company had a few key players that stuck out through the movie were Jeffrey Skilling, Kenneth Lay, Andrew Fastow, Lou Pai, and Peter Elkind. Other mentionable people would be Chenney and G.W.B. Jr. Each of these people played a role to make Enron money and distribute the power. Social class for each except Lou Pai is rich white males; Lou Pai as well was a rich Asian male. Their status in society was upper class, each had different upbringing but rose to the top of society from their schemes at Enron. The real puppet master would be Jeffrey Skilling, who really did know the ups and downs of the entire company, but would claim he had no full knowledge of what was going on. G.W.B Jr was even of help to Enron since he had his “Kenny boy”, and Enron had connections with the electrical company of the United States of America that distributed it. All these connections led to powerful, rich upper-class men, which helped each other and kept the power within their group of people. Each has this identity because of where they stand in society, the power each man had and the luxuries they got to enjoy. Each enjoyed living in large homes, buying huge lands, traveling and living new lives with their wealth. Even after trail in a review of today, these same men still maintain themselves as upper-class due to the fact of the money they have. To their employees and our society,