Analysis Of Friday Night Lights And Shattered Glass By Buzz Bissinger

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Background Buzz Bissinger is a very acclaimed journalist and has written, on many accounts, for big name publishers. One of his most popular pieces was the cover of Vanity Fair in 2015, which was about Bruce Jenner transitioning into Caitlyn Jenner. Along with being a famous journalist he is also famous for his multiple books, his most famous books are Friday Night Lights and Shattered Glass. Both of these were later made into films. Along with his famous writing he has also won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting an investigation on the Philadelphia court system.
“Which means that high school sports will continue to fester into shameful overemphasis in too many places, will continue to fester into shameful overemphasis in too many places, will continue to emulate the college sports model that is America’s educational shame” (14).
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He starts off by telling about how college and professional sports have taken a turn of the worst. However, Bissinger believes that high school sports is one of the few that does not get a bad name. High school sports are focused on winning and that is it. Many think that colleges and professionals would be focused on winning, but they are getting paid to play. Most high schools today spend on average a million dollars a year just for athletics. Bissinger goes on to give his opinion on how he would rather the money go towards academics than a new football stadium. Today many high school sports teams are basically turning into a college team. The article concludes by saying that high school sports will continue to ruin sports for teenagers if there is not something done with the amount of stress it causes these