Analysis Of Hal Woczniak's The Forever King

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Hal Woczniak a fictional character from The Forever King, a book that I had to read when I was in high school. The novel has a classic romance formula, in which good eventually overcome evil. It also has many intriguing elements such as the Arthurian legend, the Holy Grail, immortality, mystery, and time travel. Hal Woczniak was a drunken FBI agent who vowed to protect a young boy named Arthur who was the reincarnated King Arthur from Mr. X (the antagonist). The novel later revealed that Hal was in fact, the reincarnated Sir Galahad - a protector of King Arthur during his reign. Hal revolved through times along with his antagonist, Saladin (Mr. X) - whose mission was to take the Holy Grail from Arthur so that he could live forever.
The novel