Analysis Of Hanh # 1: Interbeing

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Hanh #1: "Interbeing" I have always loved the look of vines wrapping around buildings, so I figured I'd take advantage of this opportunity and plant some climbing vines on either side of my front porch. I've never really been interested in agriculture, so when purchasing the vines I had to ask the the man in showing me around if he had any pointers for me. After following his instructions and finishing the planting and watering process, stepping back and looking at it made me feel kind of proud. I've never really raised or grown anything before so this should be really cool. This essay proved to me that everything and everyone is connected by something. If we were to track the origins of any one thing, we could find that it's origins share that of countless other possible and existant things. The thing that intrigued me was the following of not only elements and materials, but the following of the mother or father of the creator of said object; If they had no birthed that child then and there, that child's accomplishments could be very different. It really goes to show that all things are here for a reason and that special terms must've been met for one's existance. With the great warm weather we've been having, I figured I'd read this essay at my favorite beach spot, a sunny bench on the pier off Grande Avenue. As I was reading the passage and realizing everything must've met some criteria to be made, I mentally followed the origins of the wooden bench I was