Analysis Of Hank Shaw's Essay 'On Killing'

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Humans are omnivores, but the majority of people around the world are tertiary predators on the food chain because they eat meat, meaning humans are inherently an apex species. Humans have been hunting and trapping animals since the dawn of man because it is one of the best ways to obtain nutritious, protein rich meat. Although the greed of some humans has completely annihilated some populations of prey species, many hunter and gatherer cultures around the world sustainably harvest from their natural resources so that their populations stay at a healthy level indefinitely. Still, the act of killing another animal should not be taken likely nor should it be abused. When an individual takes the life of another animal, they need to do so humanely and respectfully because humans are no longer primitive savages. In the article, “On Killing,” from the website, the author, Hank Shaw, discusses a central part of his life and identity, which is the way that he obtains food. Instead of …show more content…
Shaw’s use of ethos, pathos, and vivid imagery in his argument make it more persuasive because it is allows the audience to trust the author while also being more keen to agree with his argument. Additionally, the fact that the article was concise and includes a powerful tone helps the reader focus for the entirety of the article, allowing them to really ponder what Shaw is saying in his argument. As humans, we need sustenance in order to survive on this beautiful planet. Although it is more convenient to buy meat at a grocery store, it certainly more environmentally friendly to kill your own food as long as it is done respectfully and sustainably. In order to survive, other organisms must die, so it’s