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Amanda Tucker
7 April 2015 Poem Analysis 2
Buddy Wakefield’s “Human The Death Dance” follows the lives of several different characters,including the author himself. Each individual mentioned in the poem has reached an ultimate low point at his or her life,where they are feeling lost and beginning to question the meaning of their existence.The poem follows these characters and the author through their endeavors and ultimately to their resolutions. This is a poem about pain,healing and accepting oneself for all that you are. Buddy uses countless literary devices throughout this piece,some more consistently than others,such as characterization and conflict. Some others that stand out to me are cacophony,epilogue and metaphor. Cacophony is when when a phrase or word is used in literature,that sounds harsh causing disturbance to the atmosphere of the writing. Buddy uses this when he writes "She mashes chalk into the sidewalk" and "She scribbles and scrapes and scribbles and scrapes".
He uses epilogue in many of the lines that serve as an afterword for the characters,one of them being " Wileen's gut said day 1,Jordan's arms,fully forgiven,Mary's face ,the endless". Lastly ,Buddy uses metaphor in the final lines of his poem
,where he writes "As for crater face,I can't speak for that guy,his skin,a brutally beautiful handwritten letter from the sun. This poem is complex and can be interpreted in many different ways,yet I feel as though many people would be able to relate to and gain something from it. I enjoy the way that this poem follows these separate people,in vastly different situations, that somehow all link and

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are alike. They're all lost and looking for the same answer, which Buddy describes as a
"Handwritten letter from