Analysis Of Jay Heinrichs 'Thank You For Arguing'

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Analysing The Summer Reading Essay Jay Heinrichs has written one of the New York times best sellers Thank You For Arguing. This book uses the power of rhetoric to further expand one's arguing ability. Heinrichs chooses to use multiple techniques to help increase the knowledge of creating a good argument. He also likes to add in multiple viewpoints from many renowned famous people. With the use of modern examples, scientific facts and rhetorical strategies Heinrichs really helps your mind grasp the greater understanding of arguing. Heinrichs uses the tool of rhetoric to teach one how to properly argue. Throughout the book there are different chapters, of which the author gives different tips on how to easily win an argument. Heinrichs makes arguing sound simple with his use of words and up to date examples. Such as using the president and current events to backup his …show more content…
This chapter goes over manipulation and provides scientific explanations as to why and how the human mind can do these things. Heinrich contributes more to the chapter by adding in personal stories and conversations to show how well this technique works on other people. This chapters technique is very effective because it battles with the opponent's mind and adds a slight bit of humor, that way the person who is arguing seems stronger, so that way they win the argument. Thank You For Arguing was written with very good technique. Heinrichs word usage was extraordinary and well fit for the book. This book should not be required to read for a summer reading. It is a somewhat challenging read for some students and is too many pages for many to read in the span of their summer. It should be used for more upper level students for it will most likely have a bigger impact on them, and are most likely to use the arguing techniques in their daily lives with