Analysis of Land/scape: A Short Story by Nadia Wheatley Essay examples

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This short story begins and ends with a start of a journey. Explain the two journeys and show how they are conveyed (told).
As they both embark on their first journey together, the responder is made immediately aware that this is an unwanted journey because they are on different path and bring different perspectives.
Wheatley introduces to us in the orientation the young protagonist, Ant, who is filled with despair and hesitation because “he was dreading the thought of five days with his father.” This tells us that his relationship with his father is poor. Wheatley gives us the background content which details the reason for their poor relationship and conflict. Tony, Ant’s father was an academic and a sports all-rounder. This puts a lot of pressure on Ant to conform and live up to his father’s reputation. In addition, Wheatley lists all the successes of not only Ant’s father but his grandfather too. Ant is contrasted and compared with them and the question “why keep on expecting him to be able to do it? When every time he failed?” highlights the comparison. As the responder we feel sympathy towards Ant. We also find out that Ants like more practical work and this is the reason for their lack of understanding between them. As they begin their camping trip we find that Tony is controlling and short-tempered. Tony’s tone when he “snapped” about Ant’s clumsy behaviour highlights that Tony picked an activity that he likes but he is unaware of his son’s personality, he doesn’t realise that Ant is not “into” camping.
The stormy weather is a reflection of their fragile relationship and is the turning point in the story as it forces them to change plans and go on a different physical journey that would have an emotional impact. The sequence of events highlights how unaware of each other they are. For example, when they were exploring in the caves Tony becomes “claustrophobic” and when Ant was asked he had to admit that “he didn’t know him very well”. As this is unfolding Ant recalls with nostalgia a time from his childhood. It reminds him of spending time with his