Analysis Of Lear

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I have seen one of my closest friends being treated as if he was a child by the vessels that he created. Lear is not the only that has been betrayed by his daughters but I have to been betrayed from my bastard of a son that I thought has pledged his allegiance to me. I am not Cornwall’s servant and I will never do as what he says. I will always put my dear friend Lear first to help him in anyway possible. As a result of it I got my own eyes yanked out of my eye sockets trying to help my own trusted friend. It all started with a series of unfortunate events. First Lear’s authority was getting slimmer and slimmer by the day. As Lear’s authority was getting slimmer when his daughters Gonerol and Regan put a limit on his knights. After Lear lost his pride and respect he journeyed into the raging storm along side with the fool and his daughters didn’t give him any sympathy and they didn’t give two shits about him to their old, sick father. For me to give the key towards having Intel that the French will be invading Britain. What a stupid thing for me to do to tell my bastard of a son Intel like that. It all adds up now he was never born into royalty as my legitimate son Edgar so he forged that letter and manipulated Edgar to sign that letter for my assassination in order for me to believe that Edgar was the one who will kill me for power. I regret everything that has happened in the last couple of days. My assumption has led me to lose my sight for me to banish my