Analysis Of Love, Passion, And Basketball

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Love, Passion, and Basketball

Passage 1. “Cause its all I got in my life, you know? Playin ball. It’s all I got in the whole world. And if I couldn’t make it, I woulda been wrong all this time about God’s plan”. (pg.69).

I chose this passage because it shows that Sticky is really passionate about playing basketball and is determined to make it in the big leagues by enjoying what he wants to do. And whenever he feels down he’ll just go to the park and just play some ball, Dante even thinks he has the skills. Dallas says a little more practice and he has a pretty good chance. Every night Stick prays that he will get better everyday. This passage means a lot because it means that Sticky is dedicated about playing basketball and I agree with him because I know that it takes a lot to get to the top but everyone starts from the bottom and slowly makes it to the top. Some want to happen, some wish for it to happen, and others make it happen and that’s what Stick did… he did what he wanted in life.

Passage 2.

“My name’s Sticky, Sticky said, first time a group of Lincoln regular got him in a corner and came with their questions. Sticky is my real name. “ (Pg.196)

I chose this passage because this is when Stick arrived at the foster pad, and met everyone. He lied because his real name was Travis Reichard, after his mom’s favorite singer. All the guys were making fun of his name and thought that his mom was crazy for thinking that she was smoking when she named him. He literally did not care what they said about and just moved on. Throughout his stay at Lincoln Rec, he was just known as Stick, and no questions were asked. Everyone had their own nick names for example: Dreadlock man, he wanted people to call him Peanut butter because he always yelled it out whenever he shot a basket, but everyone just called him Dreadlock Man instead.

Passage 3.

Sticky and Anh-thu made six months just before let out for summer.

I think that in every book there should be a little fling here and there. And that’s what Stick and Annie had a summer fling. It all started when Sticky needed a new pair of jeans and he thought he would snatch a pair from a store in the mall. That’s where he met Anh-thu. At the store; she chose a couple pairs of jeans and gave them to Stick to try on and he thought she was a pretty little thing and didn’t think any of jeans were nice. There were a couple of jocks that came in the store and tried to get at Annie, she claimed that Stick was her boyfriend, and the guys didn’t mess with her anymore. Stick was actually surprised and didn’t seem he actually cared. Stick liked her because she loves basketball and that she goes to their games. I chose this passage also because he even risked his own life just to get her a nice present for her birthday, and when he was in the hospital bed, Anh-thu was right there right next to him.

Passage 4.

Sticks Foster Homes.

After the incident with his mom, Baby; Stick as a kid has been placed in a lot of Foster homes. He couldn’t adapt to either of the homes he was assigned too. Like his first