Analysis Of Max Wolk's 'Night And Dawn'

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Max Wolk
Night and Dawn 1. In Auschwitz Ellie has some slight attitude changes with his religious beliefs, I feel that he wavers a bit but he stays strong in his religious opinions. At times there are points where he literally says “where is hashem” and he doesn’t understand how he is in the position he is in because of how religious he was before the Shoa. His relationship is similar with his dad and his father in the fact that at some points he almost gives up on his dad, but then pushes the thoughts out of his mind right away. In the end he is with his dad strong until he dies, and I don’t think that is symbolic of his relationship with god. 2. I think when he looks in the mirror and sees himself like that I think he feels that his spiritual part of himself has died. Like a said earlier I think this is a point where a wavers in his faith a little and is unsure of what to believe. Also like I said earlier it is just a wavering so I do believe that he will be reborn and become spiritual again. 3. He justifies the violence that he does because he understands and wraps his head around the fact that it is done for a cause and is not just causeless killing like what the holocaust was. He was killing because the British were killing one of their men and it was an act to show that the Jews weren’t as weak as the British thought and were devoted to the cause of getting a state. Fighting for the state of Israel helps him find meaning to his life because it makes home feel like he is needed. 4. I believe that this is a legitimate military operation and Elisha is not a terrorist. He is fighting against a military power, and the person he kills is not a civilian, John Dawson knew what he signed up for when he joined the army, dying was a risk he took. Therefor I do not think that its right that Elisha classifies himself as a terrorist, a freedom fighter would be a better term. 5. The ghosts are people from Elisha’s past who have died, except the little boy who I believe is him, and they come to make sure he knows the full effect of his actions and if he wants to really do this. Once he convinces himself that it is in fact yes they are there to support him. The ghosts help him to come to his decision by making sure he knows what he is doing and then they support him. 6. He pulls the trigger because he does what he believes is the right thing to do. He knows what has to be done for there to be a Jewish state, and he realizes that by agreeing to come to Israel and fight, this is what would have to be done. He also knows that he will let a lot of people down, including his friend Gad who know David ben Moshe and care about him a lot. To continue to be apart of the movement and to play the role that he plays he knows he has to do what has to be