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Analysis of men are the poem
The first thing I noticed about this piece of text was the title ‘men are’ this gives the reader and insight as well as a bit of knowledge about what the poem is about before they read it so they can have their own opinion on the text beforehand and see if it changes after they have read the entire poem as their knowledge develops as more depth and meaning are added to the words as the words aren’t just words anymore, they having meaning and purpose behind them.
I have acknowledge this is a very long poem with simple words and terms this can be a play on words as there is actually more to the poem then the simple words suggested leaving it to the reader to decide the deeper meanings and use their own imagination to relate to the poem, also they can use their own back ground knowledge if they have read poems and are knowledgeable in background research of the poet. The length could suggest the hidden depth of the poem to. For example the quotation ‘ men aren’t loving’ could suggest that men are more rational and woman on the other hand are emotional human beings, this could also mean that men are influenced by a woman’s emotions and therefore feel the potential to get in contact with their famine side. Another example of hidden meaning in this text would be ‘men kick said in each other’s eyes’ this suggests that men physically fight each other openly when an emotional issues arises but as woman are supposedly according to the joeys more emotional they become 2 faced and bitch behind peoples backs and when an emotional situation arises they talk it about calmly as woman can contain themselves as men have anger in themselves building up as have more dominant characterises therefore rely on women to get them sane and in line.
I have also noticed that three poetic devices are used and these poetic devices are repetition, alteration and rhymes. An example of repetition in this poem is ‘men are’ this suggests that this is an important piece of information to understand the mystery as well as becoming knowledgeable of the texts depth and of the text as a whole we know this as the poet is emphasising on the words ‘men are’ suggesting the importance of this text lies within these words. Alteration is used when the poet mentions the phrase ‘ men kick said in each other’s eyes’ this suggests that the poet wants the reader empathise with him and his emotions at that given time as alteration is what brings the poem to life as we as the listeners hear it and instantly imagination that situation being described taking place and feel the emotion running through your veins and being able to relate to the poet as he felt exactly the same during that time period the only difference is he had to go through it with opened eyes whereas we look at the situation through visual eyes. An example of a rhyme would be ‘see and history’ this suggests the poet is trying to help the reader to understand the poem and the way the joey portray it and give us the message behind the writing structure of the poem. It also enhances comparison of what’s being compared, it also appeals to contrast it helps the audience established the differences in this poem which enhance the silences to become clearer in the text.
In the first line there aren't adjectives, this is because it introduces the audience to the text so the audience can go into the journey with the joeys and really understand concepts going through a man’s is introducing the reader to a world where only men exist and therefore only use adjectives the fit the stereotype of a typical man. For example every sentence has the subject "men", the verb ‘are’ and an adjective, but don’t tend to use the same verb or adjective as they are trying to suggest men are versatile and can take on any challenge and without men the world wouldn’t be the same.
This poem is unexpected in its view point as it’s not biased as it shares positives and negatives that lies in a man’s