Analysis Of Mirror In February

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In this poem, “Mirror in February”, the speaker’s state of mind is analyzed. We are able to see into his mind as we look at the imagery and diction used in the poem. To begin with, the first stanza details “dark trees” and “dry air”, which conveys a sense of uncomfortable darkness. There seems to be a gloomy state of mind. The speaker “towels his shaven jaw and stares”. However, in the line that follows, he does not stare at his OWN eye and mouth, he stares at “ a dark exhausted eye, a dray downturning mouth”. This disconnect we see shows us that while the speaker is looking at himself in the mirror, he doesn’t identify the image in the mirror as himself. He classifies it as objective. Combined with the title, mirror, which signifies reflection, and the “dark and dry” room, we are able to tell that the speaker’s idea of himself is not a positive one. He doesn't really know or identify with himself. He is “exhausted” and has a “downturning” mouth. However, in the second stanza, he wants to change. “It seems again that it is time to learn”, the speaker wants to clear himself of the dark and negative mindset or reflection. We know that the speaker is getting old because he is in the “last of his youth”. He also desires to look into, or discover himself: “the mirror of my soul”. The earth is “untiring”, which means that it is always moving, and continuing forward, even though the man’s life is “not made whole”. Upon reflection of himself, he realizes that he wants to do more and accomplish more with his life, before dying, or “reaching the age of Christ”. In the third stanza the speaker realizes that it is not possible to wind back time. We cannot go back in time or slow it down, we can