Analysis Of Odysseus 'Contact With The Sirens In Homer's Odyssey'

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This three dimensional project represents when Odysseus came in contact with the Sirens. They are dangerous creatures who are half bird and half woman.

Odysseus was planning his trip home, to Ithaca, from the Trojan War. Circe, a witch who wants to help Odysseus and his men, warned him about the Sirens. She cautioned him that they would sing their beautiful music, and he and his men would want to steer their ship toward their voices. Then Circe told him, that if they followed the voices, they would steer toward a rocky island. They do it so your ship will be wrecked and they will devour your souls. To protect yourself, she told Odysseus to stuff wax in the ears of everybody on his ship. She told him, if he wants to listen to the Sirens'