Analysis Of Pico Iyer's Where Worlds Collide

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A person’s cultural background does affect the way he/she sees the world. When a person is poor, the price of anything and everything matters. From Springboard English language arts grade 10 “Where Worlds Collide” by Pico Iyer essay says “It will cost them $16 it they lost their parking ticket, they read, and $56 if they park in the wrong zone.”To some people like the rich they don't really worry about those things and some will park in the wrong spot and not care cause they know they have more than enough money to pay it off so they just do what they please. But to poor people if they make a simple mistake like that it could cost them their next meal, or mean they can't get something that they need for school or a job cause they just don't …show more content…
If they live in a place with a lot of technology or if they live in a third world country could change everything to them. From Springboard English language arts grade 10 “An Indian Father's Plea” by Robert Lake an essay “He was born and raised on the reservation... He is five years old, in kindergarten, and I can’t understand why you have already labeled him a ’slow learner”(95) This is about a little boy who was raised differently than everyone in his class he was raised in a different place and taught different concepts. He was labeled already just because he was taught differently, it not fair and he is just trying to live his life the way he was taught and in class they are teaching completely different things. He said “ Yesterday, for the third time in two weeks, he came home crying and said he wanted to cut his hair. He said he doesn’t have any friends at school because they make fun of his long hair. I tried to explain to him that in our culture, long hair is a sign of masculinity and balance and it's a source of power.”(98) When Wind-wolf was growing up he never thought it was bad to have long hair cause everyone in his culture did, but once he moved and started school he got made fun of. He cried and wanted to change the way he was because other people didn’t look like him. This is a sign that someone's culture does affect the way someone would see something, he once thought he was strong because his hair then he felt weak and different because of other people's