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Private Photo Walking Tour
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Steve Woodall and Jason Kucherawy
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Becky Tsai
Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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Situational Analysis 3
Statement of Purpose 3
Target Audience 3
The Plan 4
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Situational Analysis
Private photography has become polarized. The increase of people taking their selfie has empowered careful control of one's image. Recently, ABC News reports a trend on the practice of hiring personal paparazzi to document family vacations.
Until recently, vacations that cost thousands of dollars were being captured on cameras that cost only a few dollars. But some people are changing that. Prices with New York pohottrek tour goes as low as $137.50 for a “private photo walking tour” in New York City, which is basically a regular tour, but with a designated photographer. It was inevitable; in the age of digital reproduction, documenting an event has become integral to experiencing it. The tour was started in 2005 and their clients are part of a growing trend: people paying to have their vacations professionally photographed. Their clients say the result was clean, crisp, blur-free images ideal for holiday cards and brag books are worth it. Furthermore, clients evaluated the tour as a wonderful and invaluable service that is only provided by New York private photo walking tour. From my perspective and research, there are no tour companies that are offering private photo walking tours in Vancouver now.
Statement of Purpose
The purposes of this proposal are to provide new private photo walking tours for our guests to explore the city of Vancouver in a unique and memorable way with a personal vacation photographer.
Target Audience
Our target audiences’ characteristics are listed below:
Couples and Families
Visitors and resident of B.C.
Meeting and interacting with the locals
Visiting authentic destinations that are necessarily part of the tourist route
Favoring worry-free travel and spending time with family and partner.
Looking for perfect setting for a special moment (proposals/honeymoon)
Valuing in creating unique and unforgettable memories
The Plan
To get acceptance for the opportunity of Tour Guys.
To launch the private photo walking tour.
To create a solid foundation for long-term growth through this unique and enjoyable tour.
To gain approval from Steve Woodall and Jason Kucherawy before February 2015.
To increase 8% growth in revenues and earnings within the next 12 months.
To reach at least 80 bookings at the end of 2015.
Tactic: #1: Decide on the tour site information for the tour.
Brief Description: The tour will take place in Vancouver Downtown, Waterfront, Chinatown, and Gastown area. The tour will be running whole year, even in the case of bad weather. The tour needs to be booked in advance either by phone, website or email to ensure that guides are available. All reservation should clearly state the date of the tour, expected time arrival, location, and approximate members. The minimum of the tour is 2 people and no more than 5 people.
It is an easy 3-hour walking tours that combine history, street art, and architecture. Total distance covered over the course of the tour is approximately 2 km / 1.25 miles. Guests will be meeting our local tour guide and a private photographer in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Water and tour brochures will be provided during the tour.
Deadline: November 20, 2014
Supervisor: Becky Tsai
Evaluation: Measured by whether there is sufficient time available in which to do the necessary planning.
Tactic #2: List all the tour attractions that will be cover in the tour and organize the route of the tour.
Brief Description: Meeting Tour Guy at the Vancouver Art Gallery where our guests will be introduced to the story behind its architect. Start the tour by visiting Fairmont Hotel