Analysis Of Pucker Apple Flavored Vodka

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Nora Romo Vazquez
English 302
Prof. DeMartini
September 23, 2014
Pucker up for Vodka

In the ad from People Magazine, Pucker Apple flavored vodka focuses on conveying the beauty of young women tips for the habitual daily life and an awareness of widely accepted diversity. However sometimes People magazine contradicts the message in this ad, or at least the way that the ad attracts women to the product. The magazine emphasizes makeup products and the perfected appearance of women rather than alcohol itself. However the magazine and the ad lure the lower to middle class audience, aiming for ordinary people and each individual’s money. Targeted at the typical American woman whom works herself excessively and needs time to have fun, creating a subconscious effect, so that the next time there is an encounter with the pucker up product desire exists to consume it. The culture’s values in the ad are represented as sexual and also as incapable of sustaining serious relationships. It’s an immature attitude towards relationships. Primarily by glimpsing at this ad there is noticeable color and contrast. I observed the ad and will describe it in full detail. The all black background does not captivate an audience; the attention is grasped by green and purple instead. The center of the ad, focuses on the top of the page, the green capitalized text dictates “SHATTER TRADITION”, the largest in the ad. A line below the green text is white text is with normal grammar, “Finally, a flavored vodka worthy of being called a flavored vodka”. In the foreground to the left of the page there is an ice white bottle, the bottle is thinner on the top and the bottom is fuller. The bottle is bursting and shattering, ice cubes are captured in still motion and the shattered glass is also busted. In the center of the ice bottle, there is a light green apple, broken up into three pieces. Apple, the middle of the bottle, has a chunk missing. On the bottom of the ice bottle, there is a low opacity shadow reflection. In the middle of the foreground there is a martini glass. The martini glass is upside down triangular shaped, thinner from the middle section, and rounded at the base. The martini also has a low opacity shadow reflection on the bottom half of the glass. The martini glass six sevenths full and a thin green apple slice floats in the center of the liquid inside the martini glass. There is a second slice of thin green apple that floats atop from the liquid, almost as if it’s only half of a slice. From the foreground to the right of the page, there is a third glass. This glass bottle is a cylinder shape. The top cap is green and it has a diagonal double line slashed through it. The cylinder vodka bottle has a label in the center of the bottle, the label has text at the top, the text dictates “pucker apple flavored vodka” in purple letters, the E in pucker is lower case and in the form of lips. The background of the top section of the label is apple green, the middle section is white, and the lower section of the label is also apple green. In the middle of the label, there are plump green lips and to the right side of the lips there are purple and green paint blotches; a green apple is in the foreground of the label and there is another green apple in the background of the label. Below the, middle section, where there is green background, there is smaller text that dictates “sour apple sass in purple”, below the purple text there is white text that dictates “made with vodka boldly distilled four time with natural flavors”. On the bottom of the cylinder bottle, there is a low opacity shadow reflecting the bottom half of the bottle. On the bottom of the page white and green and combined with white text dictate “Mix 1 oz Sour Apple Sass Vodka with 3oz lemon-lime soda”. The last line, displays the smaller text “Drink smart”, the Pucker up ad has a goal to sell alcohol.
In like manner, some of the symbols in the ad are relevant to alcohol and the “free,