Analysis of Rupert Brooke's Poetry Essays

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Wide Reading- War Poem Draft
Question- Evaluate any 2 poems with close analysis.
Both Rupert Brooke’s poems ‘The Soldier’ and ‘Peace’ explore the idea of war being a very glorified progression. Both poems validate the values of people that have sacrificed in the war. In his poem ‘The Soldier’, Brooke demonstrates his belief that sacrificing for his homeland is the best way to repay for all the beautiful and glorious things that have been given to him. The concept of a war being blessed by god is clearly explored in the poem ‘Peace’.
In the poem ‘The Soldier’, Brooke shows his love for England significantly in which he is willing to sacrifice his life to repay England. Personification is used in “Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day…” as a comparison of England and war conditions, as England is thought to be ‘gentle’ which is contradictory to the horrific condition of war. The metaphor “In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;” is a symbolism to the soldier’s hearts, evident in the word “rich”. Thus, the consequences of war creates a significant destruction to the soldier’s physical and emotional being
‘Peace’ is a poem that was written to explain the gloriousness of war. Although war is a blessing from god, Brooke continues to convey the tragic consequences of war. In the line “Naught broken save this body, lost but breath;” alliteration is used to express the physical damage war can do to your body. The use of personification in the line “And the worst friend