Analysis Of Social Networking Essay

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Analysis on Social Networking We human beings are social animals. We like to talk and share our ideas and feelings to our colleague. That is why we have social media such as Facebook, Twitter and many more for us to share our inner feelings with one another. Due to many individuals volunteering information about them online, social networking has captured attention by creepers. So, now social networking has become place to find information. It is causing problem to people’s privacy. Therefore, there are reasons to avoid social networking. I am not saying not to use social networking but we should use it carefully and affectively. Firstly, instead of using time to chat, upload, update, check, click we should have used the time to learn something useful in our future.
Secondly, the social networking devices are tacking on what each individual is doing. In the article “The screen you’re watching is watching you” written by David Sarno it says that “when you don’t pay much attention to your iPhone, your iPhone is paying attention to you and the data is beamed to Apple Inc.” Even in this 22nd century one can track the entire phone. Thirdly, Social Networking has caused problems in teenagers. Often checking status, messages, photos have made them mentally dull. In the article “Privacy Is Passé, So Broadcast Yourself (to Big Brother)” scripted by Adam Bessie, Marc Prensky believes that 4-year old should have an iPhone. He says “If a kid can’t afford an iPhone, then