Analysis Of Song Of The Hummingbird By Graciela Limon

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“Song of the Hummingbird” by Graciela Limon is a book about a Mexica women name Huitzitzilin who confessed her sins and life stories to a young catholic priest named father Benito. Huitzitzilin described to father Benito how the Spaniards took everything from her people especially Cortez who sent two of his captains to kill two of Mexica’s kings. The Spaniards took advantage of the Indians hospitality and the Indians were forced to fight back but eventually the Indians were nothing but weak from the diseases the Spaniards brought with them. Which caused the loss of Huitzitzilin’s people’s lives and their homes. She talked about her love life, mother hood life, and her life after she survived the massacre. Overall the key topics in the book is the ignorance of knowledge children have towards the Indian culture, the amount of passion Mexica’s have towards their country, the challenges Huitzitzilin faced trying to open up father Benito’s mind to understand the …show more content…
The book showed how her people suffered defending what they called home. Many got killed by the Spaniards soldiers who had no mercy towards them “They ran after anything that moved, thrusting their weapons in every direction” (131). This described the traumatic impact it had on the Mexica’s land. Although I am not an Indian I grow up listening to my parents talk about their home country as the most beautiful place on earth and honestly when they showed me pictures I did not think it was so pretty. The houses were all colorful and they were all shaped differently. But as of now I understand they viewed their homes differently than I did, they saw it as happy and pure memories with their people. Therefore, imagining Mexica’s people getting killed and their houses getting destroyed devastated me. I saw it as an end towards those memories of them growing up with others and the end towards what they considered