Analysis Of The Argument That Rome Was A Republic Before The Time Of Caesar

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- What facts suggest Rome was a Republic before the time of Caesar and what suggests it was an Empire at this time? Looking at these facts, when would you argue that Rome transitioned from a Republic to an Empire?

The class system in Rome suggests that it was a Republic before the time of Caesar. Before Caesar, the Patricians and Plebeians formed a government structure where Consuls controlled government and military, while Senate, Centuriate and the Tribal Assembly contributed to the making of laws and representatives. In addition, there was a dictator that took executive action in the event that the Republic was in unavoidable danger. A republic is a state where power is held by people and elected presidents or representatives which correlates directly to the government structure before Caesar. On the other hand, Rome possessed characteristics of an Empire long before Caesar. It had a unified government, diversity and military expansion. There was also a concentration of power which led to the need to expand militarily. The person in charge was always a general, therefore all military would begin to be loyal towards the general, not the higher government. I would argue that Rome transitioned from a Republic to an Empire after the second Punic War at the latest. During the first and second Punic Wars, Rome conquered Sicily and Spain, suggesting military expansion. A unified government allowed Rome to win each Punic War and destroy Carthage while expanding diversity.
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In comparing these systems and practices what differences do you observe? From reading this analysis what do you think is the origin of patriarchy across these societies and what evidence supports this