Analysis Of The Book 'Ender'

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Nicholas Kimball
Mr. Feely
Science Fiction
30 October 2013
Science Fiction Reflection
Group one embodies three primary themes in their presentation. First they cover redemption as an important event. Group one explains Ender came to Lusitania to make-up for xenoside of the buggers. Ender held a single Hive Queen Egg, the only connection to the bugger species and he planned to restore the egg near the piggy’s settlement. Ender also wants to redeem himself by protecting the piggies from Star Ways Council’s dr. device. Character development was another important theme that was heavily debated in our class discussions. Group 1 believed Ender showed the most growth in the story, however many peers suggested Novinah showed the most character development. From the beginning of the book, Novinah was an outcast, insecure, lonely, and felt extremely guilty. Novinah had only two friends, Libo and Pipo and she believed their death has been a result of her zinobilogista research. Ender helped Novinah through her struggles and she eventually rekindled her composure. By the end of the novel, Novinah kept less secrets, she had a burden lifted from her shoulders, and she expressed her affection toward her kids. Group 2 expresses the importance of rigorous construction and its role in the novel.
A student from group 2 suggested rigorous construction has overlapping subplots. This element requires the reader to critically examine the novel in order to comprehend the meaning. Class peers agreed critical reading may cause loss of interest. Despite this “plots become more interesting and complete”. Other elements that epitomize rigorous structure are the different points of view, government vs. religion, star/time travel, multiple races, and communication. Towards the end of the presentation Adam Armstrong asked an important questions, “do you think that a species should be contained or be able to have freedom”? Similar to Demosthenes view, I believe if a species is Raman and not Varese they should have the freedom to expand their race outside the containment of Lusitania. Despite being Raman, the piggies have the descalda and if they spread throughout the 100 worlds millions of humans will die from the disease. When group 3 mentioned “Ender manipulates”, heated discussions immediately surfaced. Ender is a…