Analysis Of The Department Of Communications Annual Media Conference

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“Denise Osei, could you please stand up?”
I slowly rose from my seat before a room crowded with dozens of students, faculty, and staff.
Once she was assured that all eyes were on me, Ms. Maya Newman proceeded to speak, “The moment I set my eyes on this young lady I knew that she inhabited the attributes to be successful. Not only did she dress for success, I watched her network with myself and others with confidence and professionalism. If I could, I would hire her to come work for me right here on the spot!” It felt as if the whole room erupted in applause as I tried hard not to blush.
It was my junior year at Bowie State University, and I was a student coordinator for the Department of Communications’ Annual Media Conference. Our department annually invites communications professionals and media specialists to our university to speak during open panel discussions and to network with students. The purpose of each conference is to inspire students and provide them with the tools and knowledge needed to enter the world of communications after graduation. I was in charge of introducing speakers, coordinating and monitoring open panel discussions, and aided in the total success of the conference overall. I also took advantage of the opportunity I had to network with media and communication professionals intimately before they interacted with general body of students.
While networking, I met Ms. Maya Newman - Public Affairs Specialist for the Department of Treasury. She was excited to meet me; she explained that she was filled with energy and happy to be back at her alma mater, Bowie State University. She expressed her desire to inspire the students and planned to discuss how she landed her current career. We had a long conversation before the conference began. She immediately provided me all of her contact information; and insisted I kept in contact with her after the conference concluded. It was during her speech in front of the student body that she pointed out how the encounter she had with me was one that she will never forget. My professors were proud and pleased that the conference had made such a positive impact on me as well as other students.
The summer following the conference, I was in the pursuit of a fall internship for work experience as well as school credit. At the time, I had little work experience on my resume, since I had chosen to focus on my studies and maintain a Dean’s List grade point average in addition to all of the extracurricular activities I participated in. Frustrated by the job search, I e-mailed Ms. Newman and described my situation. She immediately did everything she possibly could in order to give me the chance to intern with her.
I began my journey as an intern for the Department of Treasury in the autumn of 2014. I interned under Ms. Maya Newman, for the Office of Financial Stability located in Washington, D.C. As the internship progressed She no longer became “just my supervisor”; she became my mentor. She served as my inspiration to pursue a professional career in corporate communications. She handled every day-to-day task with efficacy and grace, from routine duties to going above and beyond doing what some would call “putting out fires.” It made me wonder if I could ever do what she does. I firmly believe that it was fate that I was given the opportunity to intern under her because I gained such great insight into the world of corporate communications. As a Department of Treasury intern, I put together media kits, planned community outreach events, drafted press releases, and performed extensive research when needed, all to support their mission. It was then; I realized that I could enjoy a career such like Ms. Maya Newman.
I worked to balance my newfound passion with my university studies. Throughout my internship, I worked hard to continue to excel in my classes; I was able to maintain my grade point average, and my solid standing on the Dean’s List never once wavered. I held