Analysis Of The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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living in illussionLiving in illusions and the escape

In the play each character has ways they each live in different illusions. Amanda keeps retracing back on how she used to be, and wants Laura to be like her. Laura escapes from the real world through her glass menagerie. Tom hides from the world by going to the movies and in the play it gives hints that he might be a drunk. Tennessee Williams creates a world in which the characters are disillusioned by the present. To begin, in the play Amanda wants everything to go exactly how she wants it. Also, she just reminisces on how her past life was. She constantly brings up the story about the Sunday afternoon at the Blue Mountain and how she had seventeen gentlemen callers. ”There weren’t chairs enough to accommodate them all” (975). So, she basically wants Laura to follow her foot steps and at least get one gentlemen caller. Amanda persuades Tom to get a gentlemen caller for Laura. Amanda explains all the expectations she wants the gentlemen caller to consist of. However, Laura does not want any gentlemen callers. Amanda wanted her to meet Jim O’ Conner but once Laura found out who exactly who he was she didn’t want to meet him. “There was a Jim O. Connor we both knew in high school, if that is the one that Tom is bringing to dinner-you’ll have to excuse me, I won’t come to the table”(1002). Amanda frees herself from the harsh reality of life by constantly reminding herself of the past. On the other hand, Laura finds confidence in her old records she plays and in her glass menagerie. She likes listening to old phonograph records that use to be her father’s. Laura resorts to the victrola when she is experiencing problems in her life. For example, when Amanda found out that Laura wasn’t attending business school (979). Also, the situation Jim informs Laura that he is engaged. Jim says “we’re going to be married the second Sunday in June” (1002). That statement really shocked Laura because Amanda had Jim as her gentlemen caller. Tom introduced them, so it was strange that he will introduce someone who was engaged. The fact that Laura has nothing to do at home she just takes care of her glass ornaments. Taking care of her glass figurines gives her a sense of control. She can…