Analysis Of The Gospel

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1. I believe that Gospel reading is seen to be shown in a wide sense. The Gospel passages themselves are narrow because they clearly state the actions God must take to restore sinful humanity. God makes no demands toward human beings, and this can be taken in a narrow sense. However, I believe that the gospel readings are seen to be in a wide sense because when evangelizing at a church or even at an outside event, there are many instances where all of the members are not true believers. In this case, the gospel should be generalized to invite newcomers into the true narrow meaning of the gospel, and grasp a deeper meaning in God’s word.
2. The death of Jesus Christ should be represented as Gospel, because it is what God did for us so that we could all be saved. God sacrificed his only son so that we would be able to be accepted into heaven. With the death of Jesus Christ, all sinners of the world were allowed to now have an afterlife, the blessing that God has given all believers. The gospel preaches of the great deed God has done for us and the fact that there is more to life, being the afterlife. Since Jesus Christ died for us, God shows us this is a part of the Gospel because now all believers will be accepted into heaven.
3. This statement is greatly confusing the law and gospel because God commands us what to do by his law. However, if we do not fulfill his goals and dreams for us, it is okay because by the gospel he will forgive us for our sins. This creates