Analysis Of The Kite Runner

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There was a young man who was being doted on when he was young. He committed a great mistake, not a sin, it is a mistake. The consequence is very dire, the only thing you can do is having fun at large. Later, he met a old man who he had already known 20 years ago, he found the opportunity of life again.

26 years ago’s Kabul, two young kids was chasing the kite. One of them was Amir, the other one was Hassan who is Amir’s servant and best friend. Young Amir won the first victory in his life, won the kite competition like a man. However, he also saw the outrage that happened on Hassan, but he could not protect his friend who protectede and love him so much,because of his timidity. He shrink back and fled away, he made the wrong decision.
The juvenile’s mind, this kind of guilty became enmity. Hassan did not change at all, but his exist, his voice; his face; his care, all became to a strap that slash Amir.
Under this kind of torture, the wrong became evil. Amir put his watch in Hassan’s bed to frame Hassan, his best friend. Let his father to drive Hassan away.
The soviet invade Afghanistan, Amir and his father fled away to America. 26 years later, the past thing has been forgotten. A phone call from his old friend broke the peace, Amir had to face the evil. He thought for several times, he was on the return journey finally, went back to Kabul which is controlled by Taliban. This is a spiritual journey of redemption, also a return trip for an Afghan. Back to deliverance from sin, went back to his country that he almost forgot.
Afghanistan is just geographical concept for us. We did not know what kind of people are living there na d how are their life. This is not only show us the story, but also represent the changes that happend after Soviet invaded Afghanistan and Afghan’s hard life. Only