Analysis Of The Minority Report By Philip K Dick

Words: 1928
Pages: 8

Philip K Dick's fiction stories usually included the character, which is non-human or a robot. Dick’s science fictions also portray a futuristic view of the world (Surrey, 2013). In his stories he shows that big innovations always go bad due to the humans and not because of the technical or computer errors. The Minority Report is a science fiction written by Philip K. Dick. The story was published in the year 1956 in Fantastic Universe. The story starts in the future society where, there are three mutants who can predict all the future crimes before they occur. These precogs are plugged into the machines. They facilitate the Precrime division to arrest the suspects before they cause any harm to the public or the society. The story presents …show more content…
Dick is an amazing story. This story includes the elegant device, which is compelling and relevant to the present time. The conclusion fo the story is also satisfying as it does not leave with the difficult end. The people, who have read the story and have also seen the movie, would know that there is a huge difference between both. The story version is more realistic than the movie. The main character, who is Anderton gives his whole life to develop Precrime (Dick, 71). This could be considered as the biggest contribution. The reality could be seen, where Anderton is proud to be one of the few, who is finding he social benefit of the precogs. He is trying to stop the crime before it happens for the welfare and safety of the people. He is not like other people, who are using the precogs just to predict the number of the …show more content…
Philip K Dick has used the simple and understandable narration technique with the help of imaginary techniques to keep the readers engaged. This story is mainly for the teenagers and for young adults. The story has been kept short but entertaining and fast-paced. Philip’s tone in the story is also engaging as it firmer in then tense scenes and laid back language in the subtle scenes. For example for setting the suspenseful scenes he has used the words like ‘frantically’, ‘trembling’ and ‘anxiously’.
The plot of the story is completely action packed. An action is something that forces the characters to make the decisions. The theme of the story is about a person’s will and power. This science fiction raises the question about free will and fate. This story could also be considered as the speculative fiction, which provides speculations about the possibilities. The speculations projected in the story often depicts that what our world is going towards and what it could turn into. Also, the other question is that, is the world going into the right direction? (Nellis,