Analysis Of The Movie 'Suzie Salmon'

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- At the beginning of the movie Suzie Salmon seems as if she lives a reasonably normal life with a normal family who she mostly gets along with. Suzie is especially close to her dad and definitely shares a special bond with her father named Jack. Suzie and Jack spend lots of time with one another continuing Jack’s unique hobby building “boats in a bottle”. When Suzie had time on her hands she loved taking photos of all most anything like people, gardens, houses, scenery anything in sight. All this photography made Suzie Salmon realise that in the later years of life she would look to pursue photography as she had such a love and passion for it.

2- During the movie a man was shown. This man’s name was Mr. O’dwyer, a man with a bit of an unusual look which to some may be intimidating and this is why people were lead to believe he was the cause of Suzie’s death because of some stupid stereotype. After the authorities investigated they soon realised what sort of person he was and how he could never hurt someone as he had such a placid nature. Unfortunately Mr. O’dwyer’s beloved daughter also died soon after Susie.

3- After Suzie’s confirmation of death each family had a different way how to mourn Suzie’s death, some more extreme than others. Suzie’s mother Abigail completely gave up hope and could not cope with the horrible situation and moved states completely. Jack her father and Lindsay her sister were complete opposite and never gave up hope with the investigation and never stopped looking for answers. All though they never found Suzie’s remains it would’ve been a great relief for the ‘salmon’ family to find out who took her final breaths away.
4- I believe by not showing how Suzie was murdered throughout the movie was a good idea as it gives people a chance to want to read the book and get a better insight on how the story goes. On another hand though it might have made people feel as if they’re missing out on a major part of the story happens.

5- At the beginning of the movie I had no idea that the murder was going to place and it was quite a shock how it all happened to me. I also believe that the Salmon family had no suspicions about Mr Harvey as he’s just they’re neighbour and no average family would believe that your neighbour is a murderer.

6- Throughout the movie Ruth becomes a central figure in Suzie’s after life and Suzie begins to find Ruth a figure of interest and empathy because Ruth can get in touch with the afterlife and Suzie uses Ruth as a spirit to get through to her old life in the end of the movie.

7- Ray was Suzie’s love interest in the movie and in the final minutes of her life they both worked up the courage to talk to one another and romantically planned a date for the following day at the mall. By the vision shown throughout the movie Rays emotions were definitely showed and you could tell he mourned about Suzie’s death.

8- I think that the scenario of Suzie’s ‘in-between’ life were quite fascinating and extreme on how an ‘in-between’ life would really be. The ‘in-between’ life scenario adds a great depth to the movie and…