Analysis Of The Necklace: Young And Beautiful By Selena Miranda

Words: 375
Pages: 2

“The Necklace” is the story of a narcissistic, yet poor woman who loses the necklace of a friend. While working to replace it she loses her “youthful glow” and is left with only the memories of her more carefree life. The poem “Young and Beautiful” by Selena Miranda is Miranda’s reflection on being young and not realizing the freedoms and opportunities she was given. This poem relates to “The Necklace” because the author of the poem and Mme. Loisel both remember their vanity as young people. Another connection is the idea of the “wasted years of youth” because Mme. Loisel begins to realize as she grows older that she was focused on the wrong things. A major connection between Mme. Loisel and the author of “Young and Beautiful” is the vanity