Analysis Of 'The Orphanage'

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Spanish Language Standard 20
Category 2, #3

“The Orphanage” was the movie I watched for this project. Overall, I thought this movie was interesting but scary at the same time. There were some sudden shocks in the story that made you jump like the death of the secondary character but most of the time, it was pretty calmed. There is plenty of mystery that keeps you wondering what happened until the shocking ending like how Simon told Laura that he has 5 invisible friends and later disappears after seeing a masked boy. The story starts off a bit slow and sad but then it starts to get intense when Laura started seeing Simon’s friends and began investigating. What I like most about this movie is how the movie ended. Laura committing suicide at the end showed that her son meant everything to her and I thought it was the perfect ending for this kind of horror movie.
Cultural traits/characteristics: During the 1900s, many immigrants of Mexican people didn’t have childrens to take care of just like how the ghost wanted a friend to be close to them. People in real life refer ghost as a scary monster or a killer but Simon found that these ghost actually had a good heart inside of them and wanted to be friends.
New languages that I heard
“Puede sonar como brujería, pero usted no debe temer percepción paralelo” – It may sound like withcraft, but you mustn’t fear parallel perception. Laura found out that her son is in the other…