Analysis Of The Psalms Of Thanksgiving

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The Psalm I chose was Psalm 100. It is a Psalm of thanksgiving in which the Psalm talks about how God has made us and guided us towards him and when the time has come to meet him we will greet him with thankfulness and gladness. The message the author expresses is how we should love and serve God and come before his presence with joy and thanks. The author expresses the endless love and kindness he has with us for eternity. It is important that we thank God for all his wondrous deeds of love He has made to us and that we return our love and faithfulness. Emotions the author might be feeling are love, gratitude, and faithfulness. I have felt these same emotions when my grandpa had major surgery. I prayed to God for a long time the night before, asking for a safe and successful surgery. When my grandpa’s surgery was a success, I was overwhelmed with love towards God for answering my prayer. I was really grateful that my grandpa was still with me, and it was all because of my faith and trust in God. A phrase that stood out to me was “It is he who has made us, and we are his. We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture”. I really liked this quote because it really sums up how God made us in his own image and likeness. It expresses how he is like our shepherd and we are his sheep, as he loves us and keeps us safe. God speaks to me through this Psalm in a way that helps me realize all he has done for us, and ways I can return the love. I must always be grateful