Analysis Of The Ramsey Case

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While reviewing the Ramsey case, I found many things about the case disturbing. I found the case was about a beautiful little girl who was murdered in 2006. Her body was found in the basement of the house by her father and a family friend, upon a second search of the crime scene. The police did a terrible job of securing the crime scene. Family and friends came and went from the home. Jonbenet was involved in a lot of beauty pageants, and usually won. Some believe this may have led to her murder. However, much of the evidence in my opinion pointed to the parents as the perpetrators. Furthermore, as I continued to read the case other suspects and questions came to mind.
First and foremost I felt that the ransom letter was a huge piece of evidence. The ransom note was two and a half pages long. Many believe that a random stranger would not spend that amount of time writing a ransom note. Most ransom notes are usually around forty words long. One would have to think that the fear of being caught would surly force the perpetrator to be as quick as possible leaving the crime scene. The note pad and the sharpie marker used to write the note were found to be items from the Ramsey home. Over seventy people were eliminated as the writers of the ransom note. However, Patsy was not one of them eliminated. The second piece of evidence of great importance is the murder weapon. The garrote used to cut off Jonbenet’s oxygen supply, was made from a broken handle of a paintbrush belonging to her mother Patsy. The murder weapon was attached to a piece of cord that could not be matched to any in the home. Her mouth was found with duct tape on it, this piece of evidence was also not matched to any item in the house. The layout of the house was also considered a piece of evidence in this case. The Ramsey’s had a very large complex home. It would be very hard for a stranger to find Jonbenets room located upstairs the room in the basement that her body was later discovered in. The crime was committed sometime after nine p.m. and before five a.m. This would have made the house very dark. This led to the belief that someone who knew the layout of the house had to have committed the crime. Furthermore, no evidence of a break in was found in the home. However, many believed that the killer…