Analysis Of The Removers, By Andrew Meredith Memoir

Words: 488
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Studies of Children Divorce Statistics show that 50% of all North-American children will witness the divorce of their parents. Have you grown up without a father or mother? What is it like? Was your childhood broken? Was your mother a single parent raising you and your siblings? Within Andrew Meredith memoir, The Removers, Meredith is struggling to grasp the time of adolescence and surviving a broken family. Meredith takes the readers on a journey, a job to become a “remover”, and the struggle of working beneath his father. However, dealing with the dead is not always easy. Meredith hesitates to enter the adult world, and battles with finding love. With this is mind, Meredith needs one gift: a reconnected family. This kindred family would provide guidance for Meredith and will be able to learn how to love himself, creating strength for the family. Furthermore, a close and connected family will direct Meredith through his journey of adolescence and guide him through the hard situations as being a “remover.” For instance, early in the memoir, Meredith states that girls would “solve his problems”(94). Meredith has an eye for Janie and expresses his feelings by saying, “I …show more content…
In addition, Meredith metaphor reveals his father being a sex offender, causing him to lose his job. Within the broken family, Meredith father is not helping with the fact his life is falling apart; “his tongue rolls, He cant help himself. He’s reminding himself what he’s giving up… He purrs at the shape of her. He’s a lion”(49). The reader implies why Meredith’s father has been locked up and avoiding contact with his family. He is a sexual offender and does not want to admit it to his family, making him feel embarrassed at the fact he harasses women. As he purrs at women, he tends to act like a lion, calling his prey and going after