Analysis Of The Story 'Pig The Pug'

Words: 140
Pages: 1

Pig the Pug (Blabey, 2014) is an exciting and rhythmic story that highlights the importance of sharing. Pig plays the role of the antagonist in the text and his greed is the cause of many problems. The exciting illustrations paint a descriptive picture that adds light and depth to the book. The simplicity of the illustration demonstrates strong expression that mirrors the story. Pig is greedy and doesn’t like to share his toys with his housemate Trevor, an innocent sausage dog. Pig’s greed and selfishness sees the climax of the story where Pig plunges from a tower of his belongings he had gathered, out of a window. The denouement sees Pig finally sharing his toys with Trevor while he is on the mend. Balbey’s (2014) use of humour and crazed