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United States
The US has an expected population growth rate of 0.77% from 2014-2015, (2015) 65.9% of whom are between the ages of 15 and 64 and 14.8% whom are over 65. (US Census Bureau, 2015) The statistics show that 58.1% of the US labor force completed a secondary education (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014) A 2011 report estimated the unemployment rate to be at 8.2%.
Denmark has an expected population growth rate of 0.22% from 2014-2015, (2015) 64.5% of whom are between the ages of 15 and 64 and 18.7% whom are over 65. (US Census Bureau, 2015) During the 2012 census, the reports show that 42.1% of the labour force had a secondary education (a drop from the 54.6% in 2001) (, 2012) and an unemployment rate of 7.5%.
The US national debt clock raises by $1 million every 60 seconds and based on the scale from The Global Economy on political stability, the US scores a 0.6i and ranked 59th out of 156 countries. (The Global Economy, 2011) However, while the US does rank higher than many countries, it only scored 1.27 in regards to control over potential corruption. (Control of Corruption, 2011) The cost of starting a business in the US is 1.4% of income per capita.
The Denmark debt clock shows an increase of $7,225 every 60 seconds. Additionally, The Global Economy scored Denmark at 1.10ii and ranked the country 23rd out of 156 countries in political stability. (The Global Economy, 2011) In the same report, it shows that Denmark had the best control over corruption scoring a 2.45 out of 2.5. (Control of Corruption, 2011) The cost of starting a business in Denmark is 0.2% of income per capita.
Under Government effectiveness (2) the US scored a 1.51 on a scale of -2.5 to 2.5, where -2.5 is the weakest. (Government Effectiveness, 2012) The US government runs on a democratic system; electing congressional members every two years and a president every four years. With the new presidential election taking place in 2017.

Starting a company in the US can be easy depending on the type of company you are opening. Some of the more difficult issues are ensuring that you are within all the legal limitations for your business, including the multiple tax codes
For Government effectiveness Denmark scored a 1.97 (Government Effectiveness, 2012) Denmark’s government is run by an elected constitutional monarchy system, although they do have a Queen, whom has sat on the throne for 43 years. (Morris, 2012) Elections are held every 4 years for members of the Folketing, with a new election being held today (6/18/2015) as the Prime Minister of Denmark (the head of the government), Helle Thorning-Schmidt, called to elect the 179 seats in the Folketing, which is the Danish electoral body.

Starting a company in Denmark, can be done primarily online and can be completed within a matter of hours. With no residential requirements for management, notarial deeds
OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2013, states that “the U.S. still enjoys three distinct advantages: world class universities, a scale that is unmatched, being the central node in the global network of science, technology and innovation.” (2013) Furthermore, recognizing that the U.S. is still one of the largest spenders of R&D, even after the recent recession. (see Fig 1.1)
Although, the U.S. does spend the largest amount of money on R&D, when compared to their GDP is equals out to 2.8%, whereas, Denmark spend 3.1% of their GDP on R&D with 13.4 researchers per thousand employment compared to the U.S. 9.5 per thousand. (OECD, 2013)

Although, The World Bank Group, ranks Denmark higher on the Ease of Doing Business scale, than the United States, it is not a big difference. With Denmark ranked 4th out of 168 and the U.S. ranking 7th place. (Economy Ranking, 2013)The one of the major difference I did noticed while compiling the information for this matrix, was the significant difference in total tax rate