Essay on Analysis of the Wrigley’s Big Red Advertisement

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Analysis of the Wrigley’s Big Red Advertisement
An advertisement is often looked past by the conventional eye because people do not try to understand the objective of the advertisement. As I read VIBE magazine I came across a Wrigley’s Big Red advertisement. The advertisement was extremely difficult to ignore because my eyes were immediately drawn to the immense use of red in the advertisement. The advertisement is extremely effective at appealing to its audience in numerous ways. The magazine, colors, lingo, setup, and background all contribute to the advertisement’s effectiveness. VIBE magazine contributes to the effectiveness of Wrigley’s Big Red advertisement because the magazine itself is the voice of urban culture. According to its website, its purpose is to influence global music, life, and style. VIBE’s audience is interested in entertainment, politics, and fashion. Included in their audience are male and female trendsetters from all over the world. VIBE magazine and Wrigley’s Big Red share the same audience. People from urban cultures and people who are into entertainment, politics, and fashion are known for maintaining a clean image and swagger. The new slim package that Wrigley’s Big Red offers would attract those who are into fashion because the new slim package could fit in most pockets. The product would especially attract women because women do not like to carry bulky objects and the package could fit into their clutches, small pocket books, and jean pockets. Those that are into fashion are often times the people who have the cleanest swagger, therefore they would be suitable for this product because the gum would help maintain good smelling breath and a clean image. Those who are interested in politics are also suitable for the product because politics includes a lot of networking, which incorporates talking to people. The gum would help them maintain fresh smelling breath. Those who are into entertainment would be interested in the product for the same reasons as those who are in politics and fashion. People in entertainment are always affiliated with dressing in high fashion and always being clean, so therefore, they would want to have fresh breath. The advertisement is extremely effective within itself. The vibrant red, combined with the black and white, effectively draws the reader to look at the product and read the words that are in red at the top of the page. I think that they utilized the red color because the name of the product is Big Red. Everything that is in red in the advertisement is important; it helps draw the reader to consume all of the important things in the advertisement without having to study the entire advertisement. Red is a difficult color to ignore because it is often affiliated with fire, heat, and blood. Therefore, the purpose of using red was so that the reader did not ignore the product, slogan, and the headline. The words on the advertisement say, “CHECK OUT OUR HOT NEW PACKAGE NEW SLIM PACK & IMPROVED FLAVOR.” The terms used in the advertisement are urban slang terms. They used urban jargon to appeal to urban societies. “Check out” is street jargon for saying “look at” and “hot” is slang for saying something is attractive. The jargon is how people usually talk in urban cities and the jargon is referred to being “cool”, therefore, when consumers look at the advertisement they think that the product will make them cool and it would make the consumer buy the product. An advertisement’s setup is another important contribution to an