Analysis Of There Will Come Soft Rains By Ray Bradbury

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Humanities absence being unimportant due to technology is described through Ray Bradbury’s, There Will Come Soft Rains. The short-story describes how as a result of all humanity being killed of a nuclear explosion, technology carries out all the functions humans would ordinarily do. After a bomb which has destroyed nearly everything standing, only one house filled with modern technology doing chores, jobs and other functions remains standing. Throughout the short story, Bradbury uses similes, personification as well as symbolism to reveal that due to the modernness of technology, it shall continuously go on, despite whom or what is present, emphasising how useless society is.

Ray Bradbury primarily uses personification to compare technology
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But the gods had gone away, and the ritual of religion continued senselessly.” The example from Ray Bradbury explains how wide ranged technology is and that it has prospered too. When all different sizes, and jobs are described, it shows how organised and how far it has gotten through evolution. Furthermore, the use of the word “gods,” to describe humans contradicts the fact they are powerful and strong, showing what a god is, yet they haven't been able to survive the explosion, unlike technology, who is able to continue doing everyday things “senselessly” or unaware of humanity not being present. Besides the fact that the “gods”, have created technology, technology is still able to continue their routine or so called religion of everyday functions. Conclusively, the representation of technology being so advanced and being able to have so many functions, shows that society is being controlled by technology and doesn't rely on the help of humanity. However, similes are not the only literary devices used throughout the short …show more content…
While animals have very specific sounds shown through their description, such as a “yellow hive of bees,” technology has simply made it into a hologram yet makes it seem as if there is new life as a substitution for humans. This firstly show how developed technology is, as it is able to create such a scene of wildlife and nature without actually having to be in contact with it, enforced by the use of simile. However more importantly, without humanity present, it creates new life and simply fills the absence of humanity with even more technology, showing how useless humanity really is. To conclude, the ideas of technology creating some sort of life while everything else is absent, reveals that it can keep functioning and absence of other life is nor important nor a struggle, as technology seems to control the world Ray Bradbury