Analysis Of Ties That Bind, Ties That Break By Lensey Namioka

Words: 367
Pages: 2

In the book Ties That Bind, Ties That Break written by Lensey Namioka, Ailin is a girl with un-bound feet. She lives in China and girls there should best follow tradition, which includes bound feet, chosen partners, and family school. When she was almost 5 years old she met a boy named Hanwei who told her about a public school he goes to. “I’m going to a public school” (Namioka 14). He learned about math, science, and even a foreign language, English. She loved hearing him talk about what he was learning and really wanted to learn it too. “You can’t, said Hanwei. You’re a girl” (Namioka 15). She did not understand why girls can not do certain things. She refused to follow her parents traditions because she still wanted to run around on her